Little Freaks (M / W): Amateurs

1475628077_heart_like_love_vote Are those competitors who haven’t competed yet or haven’t won in the amateur category

1475628077_heart_like_love_vote Routine duration 3:00 – 3:30 minutes

1475628077_heart_like_love_vote Must include min one power combo in their routine

* power combo – combining at least three elements on the pole without getting of the pole


Not Allowed:

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Dead lifts of any kind

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Flips

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Fonji or similar

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Flags

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Russian split

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Eagle

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Spatchcock

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Or similar combos or tricks