Rules and Regulations

1475628077_heart_like_love_vote Competitors have to be at least 18 years old or over

1475628077_heart_like_love_vote There will be three poles on the stage, one of them has to be in spin mode, one in static mode and third one is optional

1475628077_heart_like_love_vote For element to be valid you have to hold it for at least 2 seconds on static pole and/or one full circle on spinning pole

1475628077_heart_like_love_vote For a spin to be valid on a static pole you have to close a full circle

1475628077_heart_like_love_vote Competitors can use grips on their body but not on the pole


Not Allowed:

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Nudity – inappropriate showing of intimate body parts

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Inappropriate touching or flashing

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Boots, gloves and latex

1475628089_close_delete_remove_icon Any costume and /or props malfunction will be penalized



1475628057_add_cross_new_plus_create High heels

1475628057_add_cross_new_plus_create Body paint if it’s water based and it doesn’t leave marks on the pole

1475628057_add_cross_new_plus_create Stripping a few parts of the costume if you have an appropriate one underneath

1475628057_add_cross_new_plus_create Props that you can carry on and off the stage during your routine



1475629777_bell_sound_notification_remind_reminder_ring_ringing_schedule Bonus points will be given to originality and uniqueness of the theme, costume and music

1475629777_bell_sound_notification_remind_reminder_ring_ringing_schedule Bonus points for equal usage of all three poles

1475629777_bell_sound_notification_remind_reminder_ring_ringing_schedule Bonus for unique, original and different tricks, combos and transitions